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Power without limits

Mobile Energy Storage Systems

Welcome to our captivating theme world "Mobile Energy Storage Systems" – the hub for unrestrained energy, where no power outlet is too far away, and every corner of the world becomes your personal charging station. Here, it's all about the freedom to operate independently of conventional power sources while still experiencing full power.

In a world that's increasingly mobile, our energy storage systems are the key to boundless energy. No more compromises when it comes to your passion for outdoor adventures, film productions, or spontaneous excursions – we present to you the ultimate companions that turn any location into your personal energy paradise.

Dive into the future of mobility, where our powerful energy storage units, combined with innovative solar panels and chargers, satisfy the energy cravings of your devices. Whether you're on expeditions, turning your outdoor event into a radiant success, or simply enjoying the freedom of being independent from conventional power grids – here, you'll find the solutions that revolutionize your vision of mobility.

From cinematic power supply to a reliable energy source for your adventures – in our theme world "Mobile Energy Storage Systems," limitless possibilities unfold. Experience the future of energy supply and get ready for unforgettable, electrifying moments.

Warmly welcome to the world where energy knows no boundaries!

Suitable products

Gross: €4,510.10
not Available
WATTSUN DOCK 2000 Docking Station
Gross: €3,796.10
not Available
WATTSUN DOCK 1500 Docking Station
Gross: €3,439.10
not Available
Pess Energy BOBINE 3.2kW – 6kWh
Gross: €9,472.40
still 1x available
Pess Energy WATTMAN 6kW – 10kWh
Gross: €16,648.10
not Available
Blueshape PG700E Portable Power Generator
Gross: €5,188.40
not Available
Pess Energy InfiniT 32A
Gross: €2,224.11
Pess Energy 6-fach Stromverteiler CEE32A
Gross: €499.80
not Available
Pess Energy EV Ladeadapter
Gross: €392.70
not Available


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