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We have everything – except salespeople

LIGHTEQUIP has entered the market to cover every need for professional lighting, camera accessories, grip and consumables quickly, completely and reliably. Our customers come from the film, television, video, photo, theatre or event sector. They are production companies, agencies, distributors or freelance creatives.  

Whoever approaches us: we do not focus on sales, but on our customers and their concerns. It is a matter of eliminating bottlenecks, providing the right equipment, developing solutions. Instead of sales lyricism, we offer expertise, experience and commitment. Because we see ourselves as professional partners.

Even when Gustav Schwaupa and Michael Erpenbeck founded the company in 1996 under the name Lichtwerk, the mission was clear: objective, fair, manufacturer-independent advice is what helps people on site to make a confident decision.

Today we have a team of 25 permanent employees for this purpose. Their mission is to go the extra mile, test limits and make things possible. Electrical engineers, event specialists, logisticians, buyers, lots of interesting people with unusual biographies: they all give their best every day. Not because they have to, but because they want to. And can. And enjoy doing it. You notice that from the very first call. Because with us you don't end up in the call centre first, but directly with the expert.

The complete equipment for every project

In order to be able to fulfil what we recommend ourselves, we have built up a stock of quickly available professional goods of high manufacturer quality over the decades. We only stock equipment, spare parts and accessories whose reliability we can vouch for one hundred percent. 
About 30,000 items are stored directly at our Cologne location: from the two-millimetre spare parts screw to the 18-kilowatt spotlight. We can procure about the same number of parts very quickly, even the most demanding equipment for exotic projects. What we have in stock will reach any set in the world - if necessary - within 24 hours. 
Among our first brands were Manfrotto and Chris James, today you can also find ARRI, BLUESHAPE, Caligri, Cardellini,

Chimera, Avenger, Kino Flo, Matthews, MoleRichardson, Rosco, SETWEAR, The Rag Place, VELVETLight and others on more than 1,000 square metres. We do not offer LED technology exclusively from one manufacturer, but for example from ARRI, Aputure, BB&S, Kino Flo, LEDIXIS and VELVETLight.

By the way, we also have batteries and clothes pegs, glass cleaners and glue dots. Simply because we want you to be able to get everything you need for a typical project in one purchase. Why send customers on detours when we can get it for them? "Everything from a single source" is perhaps a little out of fashion as a term. But as an experience it is not.


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Convictionists afford rare things

Loving customers makes you free and unconventional. Those who come to us may miss expensive suits or the typical status symbols. But when they leave, they see the pallet that we have made up for them, or a trolley full of orders to load in and take away. That is what we pride ourselves on: Serving requirements promptly and professionally. And we follow through.

If we see that wishes remain unfulfilled, we also develop products ourselves - especially the practical everyday things like belts, bags and containers.

LIGHTEQUIP. Not many dealers can afford that anymore. But it allows us to maintain and repair spotlights, ballasts, dimmers, stands and other equipment. In addition, we carefully test new products here, especially from the LED sector, for compliance with fixed criteria for the expansion of the range. We also carry out tests according to DGUV V-3 here.

And finally, you often meet us in studios, halls or stages. Because larger projects in particular require qualified advice and project planning on site. Afterwards, we often take over the complete set-up of the lighting technology and regularly maintain permanent installations.


It is important to us to give something back

In addition to business, social commitment plays a major role for LIGHTEQUIP. There is a strong desire among our staff to help people, especially the weakest. 

That is why we have been sponsoring several children in developing countries in Africa through Plan International since 2002. Doctors without Borders also receives donations from us time and again.
Creative people have never had it easy. But we know that professional security can unlock enormous potential.



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