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LIGHTEQUIP Excites as an Exhibitor at the 62nd Buehnentechnische Tagung in Bochum  

The 62nd Stage Technical Conference (BTT) promises to be a highlight for the event and stage technology industry, and LIGHTEQUIP will be present as an exhibitor at Booth 4.5 with innovative products and an impressive showcase. The event is scheduled for June 19th and 20th, 2024, at the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, providing an exclusive platform for professionals in the industry to exchange ideas.

Over the years, the BTT has established itself as one of the most prestigious industry gatherings. Participants can look forward to a diverse program, including presentations, round tables, excursions, the trade show party, and the presentation of the coveted Weltenbauer Award. The event promises not only exciting insights into the latest developments in stage technology but also an ideal opportunity to network with industry experts.

As an exhibitor, LIGHTEQUIP will showcase its innovative products and solutions at Booth 4.5. From groundbreaking lighting technologies to state-of-the-art stage equipment, LIGHTEQUIP will provide a glimpse into the future of event technology. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the outstanding features and performance of the showcased products.

The BTT in Bochum is not just a platform for information exchange but also an opportunity to experience the dynamics and innovation of the industry. LIGHTEQUIP is proud to be part of this exciting event and looks forward to welcoming customers, business partners, and interested individuals to their booth.

Visitors to the trade show can expect inspiring conversations, fascinating product presentations, and valuable insights into the future of stage technology. LIGHTEQUIP stands for quality, innovation, and reliability, and these values are reflected in their commitment to the 62nd BTT.

Overall, the Stage Technical Conference in Bochum promises to be an event that reflects current trends and future developments in the industry. LIGHTEQUIP is setting new standards, demonstrating that they are not only a part of the history but also the future of stage technology. Visitors are warmly invited to visit Booth 4.5 and explore the fascinating world of LIGHTEQUIP.

Aputure Electro Storm CS15 Flight Case version EU
Gross: €9,508.10
still 2x available
ARRI Orbiter Multifunktionaler LED Scheinwerfer
Gross: €5,355.00
not Available
ARRI Orbiter Beam
Gross: €1,160.25
still 2x available
ARRI Orbiter Projektions Optik 35°
Gross: €2,439.50
not Available
ARRI Orbiter Projektions Optik 25°
Gross: €2,677.50
not Available
Gross: €4,510.10
not Available
WATTSUN DOCK 2000 Docking Station
Gross: €3,796.10
not Available
WATTSUN PACK Zusatzbatterie 1600Wh
Gross: €2,844.10
not Available
WATTSUN DOCK 1500 Docking Station
Gross: €3,439.10
not Available
Pess Energy WATTMAN 6kW – 10kWh
Gross: €16,648.10
not Available
Pess Energy BOBINE 3.2kW – 6kWh
Gross: €9,472.40
still 1x available