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Blueshape Halterung (seitlich) für Mikrofon-Funkempfänger

Art.Nr.: 45136
Produktinformationen "Blueshape Halterung (seitlich) für Mikrofon-Funkempfänger"

Universal wireless accessory stand that allows installation on the left and/or right side of the battery. Does not obstruct the battery, which can easily be removed and replaced without removing the stands.
This adjustable mic support can host a variety of devices thanks to its elastic and secure belt and the adjustable base. An additional mic stand can be installed on the
opposite side (one on the left and one on the right).
It can be installed both on V-Mount enabled cameras (using MV2MV adapter) and on other cameras (using the MV adapter).


  • Size: 145 x 111 x 80mm (5.71" x 4.37" x 3.15")
  • Weight: 0.15Kg (0.33lbs)

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