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Blueshape V-Mount Adapter für PHANTOM Flex4K®

Art.Nr.: 10699
Produktinformationen "Blueshape V-Mount Adapter für PHANTOM Flex4K®"
We are proud to introduce our V-plate adapter for the Phantom Flex4K. 
This product has been specifically designed to steadily fit the back of camera and is able to withstand the high power demands of this high technology  camera. Our V-plate has been tested and approved by Vision Research themselves during trials conducted earlier this year. 
The plate can easily be fitted to the camera by just 4 screws. 

This product is a high precision product built with quality components and is perfectly able to withstand the high power demands of this particular camera. It is suggested that the higher drain BLUESHAPE GRANITE batteries such as our BV270HD, BV190HD and BV100HD are used in combination with this product for perfect mechanical and electrical matching and compatibility.
  • Designed to steadily fit the back of camera
  • Capable to withstand the high power demand required by Flex4K
  • 2x Lateral D-Taps: Nominal 14V, max 80W Fused
  • 1x Lateral USB: 1x 5V max 15W
  • Size: 141 x 82 x 25mm (5.55" x 3.23" x 0.98")
  • Weight: 0.25Kg (0.55lbs)

Akkusystem: V-Mount

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